May 25, 2020
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Navin Jindal

The former vice-chairman of Jindal Group, on the SC order allowing Indians to hoist the national flag

Navin Jindal
Navin Jindal
Your reaction (after the SC verdict)?
This will revolutionise the way we think about our country.

What prompted you to file the pil?
I was inspired by the Americans display of their flag. No one objected when I displayed a tricolour in the student union office. But when I did it at my factory in Raigarh, the Commissioner got it removed.

Didn't you go overboard?
I really feel very strongly about being able to fly my national flag.

Do you think this will encourage patriotism?
I am convinced it will raise the patriotic spirit. When you display the national flag, you not only show your faith in the country, but also that you are proud to be an Indian.

Are Indians mature enough to handle this?
Our democracy is built on trust. When we keep idols of deities at home, we don't misuse or disrespect them but worship them.

What's the flag to you?
It inspires me, makes me happy and reminds me of my duties.

But then, does this justify the Malini Ramani outfit?
I feel she did not have any intention to dishonour the flag.

What about us displaying flags of neighbouring nations?
I don't think there's any law against this.

What's on this January 26?
All Indians will be able to display their flags with pride and honour inside and atop their homes.

What next?
It's a dream come true. I have always dreamt of a prouder nation. It is our greatest Indian symbol and I feel all Indians must respectfully display the tricolour. The day it becomes fashionable, I am sure patriotism too will be fashionable.

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