July 10, 2020
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Mr Moneybags

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Mr Moneybags
Shaukat Aziz's assets

Total: Rs 41.5 crore

House in the Defence Housing Society, Karachi: Rs 35.3 lakh

Housing plot in Karachi: Rs 54.2 lakh

Apartment in London: Rs 4.675 crore

Apartment in New York: Rs 13 crore

Farm in Chak Shezad, Islamabad: Rs 91 lakh

Investments: Rs 11.5 lakh

Remittance from abroad: Rs 1.27 crore

Bank Deposits

Habib Bank: Rs 5.8 lakh

Citibank, Islamabad: Rs 1.4 lakh

Lloyds Bank, London: pound sterling 0.31 million (Rs 3.3 crore)

Citibank, New York: US $2.91 million (Rs 16.9 crore)


Cash in hand: Rs 5,000

Motor vehicle: Rs 80,000 (depreciated value)

Jewellery: Rs 15 lakh

Furniture, etc: Rs 1.5 lakh

(Source: Pakistan Election Commission.

All figures in Pakistani rupees.)
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