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More Intuition: A Few Important Questions

Where has man lost his radars connecting with the divine? Why have we turned into consumer vampires?

More Intuition: A Few Important Questions
Illustration by Saahil
More Intuition: A Few Important Questions

Where did the rishis and yogis go who could create humans out of ‘havan kunds’, having mastered the art of tangible man­­ifestation and atomic restructuring? Did they go to time management tra­­inings? Constantly doing something, filling the hours with mundane clutter is an important occupation in the making and functioning of the world. How strange that most have no time for just sitting with the mind. Feeling the rarity of one’s universality and aloneness.

Where has man lost his radars connecting with the divine? Why have we turned into consumer vampires? When did we fall so low beneath the graph of our divinity? Darwinian diet of chimpanzee descent!

Why are we no longer inspired towards mind training? After all, mind is the first place to begin, we live with it, even in dream states. Research proves when the heart stops, consciousness continues. Why are we alienated from our mental potential?

Why do we fear redundancy measured against performance? Why are we still functioning from instinct rather than intuition? Instinct is animal; intuition is divine. Why have we rati­onalised faithlessness in systems? Have we accepted betrayal as a functional reality?

Is there an omniscient reality beyond religion or the club it provides? If not, then who are we? What is the soul? Where do we go after we die?

What or who is inspiring the direction of the world? What is colouring the thinking mind towards a basic uniform story? Would it have been possible to have a fair society minus money? Could truth be living in a different neighbourhood than us?

What has the invention of currency given us?

Is the currency domination not the subtlest weapon for enslaving the minds of an ent­ire world, making it malignant towards its own salvation? Do we have a choice in reg­arding it as paper which functions for us towards fulfilling our basic needs, leaving it outside our temple sanctum? Would that make the world a better place?

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