May 17, 2020
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Mohit Ahlawat

Ram Gopal Varma is so confident of this newcomer that he has cast him in four films—James, Sholay, Shiv and King (in a double role).

Mohit Ahlawat
Mohit Ahlawat
What was Ramu's reaction when you met him for the first time?
He told me, 'You'll be very good in negative roles.' But a week later, he took a look at my pictures and told me he would launch me in a big way.

What is so special about James?
It will bring back the genre of the 'hero' film.

Is it a dark film?
I would describe it as an action-love story.

Have you signed an exclusivity contract with Ramu?

Is your pierced eyebrow a style statement?
No. It's part of my body now. Like the tattoo of a shloka on my back.

What inspired you to sculpt your body?
My fat. I weighed 120 kgs a few years ago.

Are you a trained actor?
No. But Ramu put me through a workshop.

Ramu has also cast you as Jai in his version of Sholay.
Given a choice, I would have taken Jai's role too. In the original Sholay, Amitabh Bachchan was the scene-stealer.

The buzz is that you are excellent at fight sequences.
I think so too. But the audience is the final judge.

You recently married a one-time model, Sai. Could marriage hamper your career prospects?
No. I don't believe in such notions.

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