January 18, 2020
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Mohammed Khan

Creative director of Enterprise Nexus, and the first Indian jury member in the British Design and Art Direction awards

Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan
Was your presence a confirmation of Indian ads going global?
Absolutely. India is being increasingly noticed and we're winning international awards as well.

How does the West perceive the Indian ad sector?
They are surprised at the quality of work. Prasun Pandey is today one of the 100 best ad filmmakers in the world.

Where do we stand vis-a-vis other emerging markets?
In Asia, only Singapore and Hong Kong produce good work. We are very much up there except a few European countries.

What then are our weaknesses?
Very little representation in international awards. We should participate in different categories, as different clients and from different centres.

How are our ads performing at the global awards circuit?
Not very well in television spots, but print has done remarkably well.

But we are also talking of the creative bankruptcy here.
When the going gets tough, internationally creativity takes a nose-dive and safe ads dominate.

Which ads do you think stand out?
O&M's Fevicol and M-Seal and our campaign for TOI.

What is the flip side of riding on too much celeb power?
How many products can an icon endorse. The problem is we don't know when to stop.

What drives the ad—the icon or the idea?
Icons appear as part of an idea. But when you run out of ideas, you flood the market with icons.

Do you see the sector reviving?
Hope it is soon. The business is bleeding.

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