January 24, 2020
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Mickey Singh

The Indo-American pop artist talks about his music, fashion label and more.

Mickey Singh
Mickey Singh

How are you bridging the gap between Indian and western styles of music?

What differentiates Indian and Western music, apart from the language, are the beats. I put Punjabi/Hindi lyrics with western beats, thus bringing the two together.

Tell us about your fashion label.

‘Micks Kawachi’ is a bow tie label I recently launched in collaboration with jewellery desi­gner Sachi Singh. Our bow ties are encrusted with precious and semi-precious stones and are unique in style and design.

How would you define your style quotient?

Vibrant and classy, that’s who I am.

What do you think is the biggest faux pas in the field of men’s fashion?

Wearing badly fitted clothes would perhaps be the first. Also mismatched shoes that could ruin a perfect outfit.

What inspires you to make new music?

I seek inspiration from films, theatre, art, ballet productions as well as other musicians.

How has the Indian audience responded to you?

The response has been amazing! Indian audiences are increasingly listening to western music and opening up to new things.

Is using Punjabi lyrics your way of staying connected with your homeland?

Punjabi is in my blood; if I can make my mother tongue popular through music, then why not!

Which has been your favourite performance so far?

Times Square, New York. It is especially important, having been a childhood dream.

Are you open to acting in Bollywood?

I would love to but right now I want to focus on the Bollywood music industry.

What are your plans for the future?

The international market is my focus as of now, although there are multiple fresh music projects that I am working on for India.

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