February 29, 2020
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Merchandise Of Magic

Merchandise Of Magic
Gireesh G.V.
Merchandise Of Magic
It’s not in the books alone. Today, Harry Potter is the ultimate global teen pop icon straddling movies—the first two books have been made into enormously successful films and the third, Prisoner of Azkaban, is currently in production—board and video games, and merchandise like brooms, capes, glasses, pencil boxes.

It’s no different in India. In Mumbai, Meghna Mathuria, event manager, says she used to do more than five Harry Potter theme parties a month complete with magic shows, cutouts, Potter games and a theme gift bag to take home when the first movie was released. Now with Phoenix, Mathuria expects an upturn again. Then there’s Desiree Attari who makes cakes depicting scenes from Potter movies with sugar figures. "I make six Harry Potter cakes for theme parties every month." Six-year-old Hana Masood had a Potter party last year, complete with snitches, golden wings floating in the Mumbai monsoon and Potter gifts for all the guests.

Potter merchandise is also raking in the moolah: a basic ‘kit’ with models, glasses and a little broomstick can cost Rs 200. Then there are imported Quidditch and Uno cards. Ardent fan 11-year-old Sargam Bhatia uses a Potter wand to "cast a spell" on her sister when they fight. And little Hana walks around her home with a Nimbus 2000 broomstick which makes swishing sounds on cue.

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