April 04, 2020
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Channel Vs Best Female Voice award winner, is poised to go international

Now that you have won the Channel V award, you must be on top of the world?
Oh yes. I am satisfied that my work has been appreciated. It is a stepping stone for me.

Was the award-winning track Miss India your brainchild?
It wasn't. In fact, it was singer and friend Asif Ali Beg who came up with the concept. He found me ideally suited for it.

Indipop—aren't we getting to hear truckloads of trash?
Lots of it is bad, but talent is what matters in the long run.

Some good-looking bad singers are making it big. Comment.
Although there are some singers who have come up because of sound musical backing, it isn't entirely true. Just look at the winners of the Channel V awards. Colonial Cousins, Lucky Ali and I have been the winners this year. It just goes to show that it takes a lot more than mere good looks to take you far.

But doesn't a pretty face get you far in this industry?
Looks do matter in some cases, but at the end of the day it is quality that matters.

What about your experience in the Indian pop music industry?
The songs in my album aren't very easy to sing. There is one song based on classical music, for instance. You can't bank on just looks to sell that.

Is recognition in the form of a Channel V award satisfying?
Yes. That is the kind of award every singer aspires for.

Now that you have won this prestigious award, are you eyeing a Grammy next?
Of course, my ultimate aim is to go international. That is the desire of every Indian pop artiste. I don't see anything wrong with that.

From Mehnaaz to Madonna—is that how one would describe you?
Not at all. I do not intend to copy anybody in my performances.

So, can we wait for a new flavour of pop?
My idea of music displays images of India. I intend to work with Indian rhythms and sounds, and come up with music that is my own.

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