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Meghana Gulzar

On her directorial debut in Bollywood with Filhaal

Meghana Gulzar
Meghana Gulzar
You're a bit tight-lipped about the story.
Which director won't be? Broadly, it's about four people whose lives change because of one decision.

Were you conscious of 'market pressures' during scripting and filming?
No. I was given a free hand. The film doesn't fit into a predictable format. For example, Sushmita Sen doesn't do an item song.

So, is it a kind of film distributors are wary of?
It's not fair to slot films like that. I'd say it's a different kind of a mainstream commercial film.

How exactly is it different?
It's not a masala film. It's more subtle than a regular Hindi film. There's a higher level of sensibility and is not overtly melodramatic, though it deals with strong emotions.

Is it true that your crew named you Hitler?
Yes. I am obsessive about order and discipline. But at the same time I don't slave-drive my actors.

Coming from where you do, was it inevitable that you'd direct one day?
Yes, I suppose I could say that.

Anything about directing that you didn't like?
I loved every moment of it.

Do you agree that since women are obsessed with being women, they narrow themselves to gender-oriented works?
I don't agree with that at all. I don't think women are obsessed with creating art about themselves. For example, my film could've been directed by a male.

How has your father reacted to the film?
He is always biased in my favour. My mother hasn't seen it yet and she will be more objective about it.

When is it releasing?
On January 11.

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