July 06, 2020
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Mary Pierce

The two-time Grand Slam winner on her comeback trail and on playing in India

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Mary Pierce
Mary Pierce
Did you enjoy India?
People have been really nice here and I got a lot of crowd support.

You played alongside Sania Mirza, one of India's most talented youngsters, in the doubles. How do you rate her potential?
She has the power, which is so essential in today's game. She still needs to improve, but has a great attitude. I really enjoyed getting to know her and meeting her family.

Is women's tennis being reduced to a slug fest?
It does seem so—whoever has more power, can run faster and hit the ball harder seems to win.

So is power all you need to win a match now?
It's important but to win you still need an all-round game, like the ability to come up to the net and have an effective forehand.

Are the Williams sisters invincible right now?
I'd like to think that nobody is invincible.

Who do you believe could break their reign?
Certainly, I'd love to be the one.

Would you say you are satisfied with your current form?
Things get better everyday. But I still feel that I have room for improvement.

Is your comeback going according to plan?
I think I can do better. I am really tough on myself though and that has both its advantages and disadvantages.

What are your immediate goals?
To get better everyday.

It's been a while now since you won your last Grand Slam. Do you still have what it takes to win another?
Definitely, otherwise I wouldn't be here playing anymore.

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