May 27, 2020
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Mark Young

CEO, BBC Worldwide, on BBC Learning—the e-venture recently launched in India

Mark Young
Mark Young
What is BBC Learning all about?
It's a gateway to quality education in UK and US universities through e-learning.

Why is it being launched here now?
BBC has been providing news to India for the last 70 years. Our motto is to inform, educate and entertain. We're now promoting education.

What are the kinds of courses being offered?
Our MBA degrees are the most popular followed by other postgraduate programs. We also offer undergraduate courses, GCSC and A-level courses.

What is the Indian demand for such courses?
There is a large appetite for degrees modelled on international curricula and teaching methods.

Who forms your target clientele?
People who want to update job skills or add to their qualifications without relocating or quitting jobs. They can get their degrees from home.

Who certifies your courses?
The university from which the student completes the course.

How credible is a distance learning degree?
Badly designed courses earned distance learning a bad name in the late '90s. Now, we pay special attention to content, delivery and service support.

What is special about your courses?
We offer only a few select courses with proven track records.

Are there any scholarships?
We've announced two mba scholarships. For details log on to

Your expectation from the Indian market?
We are projecting a growth spurt of 15% a year thanks to markets in India, China, Africa and the Middle East.

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