December 13, 2019
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Mandy Moore

The global health advocate, singer, songwriter and actress on her career

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore

You have been an ambassador for Population Services International since 2008.

I wanted to use the platform I had been given thanks to my job in the entertainment industry. When PSI approached me, I jumped for it.

Why did you choose to represent children’s causes in particular?

Because child sickness and death have easy solutions and PSI found innovative ways to deliver.

Why is Project Wajood (PSI India’s gender-­based violence programme) important to you?

It’s important to invest in human rights, and it starts by supporting girls and women. Addressing violence against them is a first step.

How do you see this problem in India and how do you see it being cured?

Any solution must be developed by the people of India. We must also remember that violence against women isn’t cultural, it’s criminal.

How does being a celebrity help further the causes you support?

I’m fortunate to have a platform which allows me to connect and hopefully bring more energy.

How does being a social advocate tie with you career in Hollywood?

Being an advocate for women grounds me and helps inform my choices as an artist.

Singer or actress?

Singer and actress.

You are looked up to for your sense of style.

I think it’s fun to express myself or a mood through fashion choices.

You were 15 when your first album So Real was released. Tell us about the experience.

It feels like ages ago! Thinking back to starting my career, opening up for bands like the BSB or NSync to singing at the Oscars, it’s been a ride!

Your movie A Walk to Remember is on top of any girl’s ‘movies to watch’ list.

I was a big fan of the book, had the time of my life making the movie.

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