July 05, 2020
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Madhuri Vaidyeswar

Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt's new album, Stargazing, was released on Twaang. What's that? Its co-founder Madhuri Vaidyeswar tells us.

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Madhuri Vaidyeswar
Madhuri Vaidyeswar

What is Twaang?

It's an on-demand mobile music library for Indian music lovers across the globe. The app is available for Android-based smartphones.

What's its USP?

We wanted the mobile app's name to be synonymous with music. The sound of a string being plucked is a basic musical sound, cutting across genres and geographies.

What kind of music does the app have?

Twaang features the largest collection of non-film Indian music across genres—Carnatic, Hindustani, folk, fusion, devotional. We also have exclusive live concert recordings and digital releases. There are over 70,000 music titles, 6,000 albums and 4,000 artistes.

How did you get these titles and albums?

We get the content from two main sources: record labels and musicians.

In this space, Twaang is fairly new, right?

It's been live for just over three months.

Always on the lookout for fresh talent?

Yes, apart from being a large music library, Twaang is also committed to use its digital platform to launch new artistes.

Are people ready for classical on mobiles?

Yes, there's a huge demand. Since its lau­nch, Twaang has been used over 30,000 times.

How has the music fraternity responded?

Many artistes have been thinking of digitising their music and are looking to reach out to listeners worldwide through this platform.

How effective a listening experience is it?

The feedback has been amazing. We have music lovers listening to Twaang in cars, at homes, in subways.

How do you tackle intellectual property issues when it comes to the music?

We don't take on any content where the rights  are not 100 per cent available with the content provider (whether it's the record label or the artistes). We err on the right side (discretion).

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