April 03, 2020
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Madhuri Dixit

The actress, on the release of her first film after marriage, Pukar

Madhuri Dixit
You've been in Bollywood for a long time. What keeps you going?
The next good role. If you like what you are doing then that keeps you motivated.

Was the decision to get married as well-planned as the rest of your career?
I had always maintained I would get married whenever I met the right man which is what I have done.

Is it true your husband hadn't seen you in films?
He still hasn't seen them.

Will you continue to act in films?
What works for me is that we are both strong people and he says he doesn't want to strangle my creativity. I have his full support.

Then how does this transatlantic marriage work?
Time management is something I will now have to learn, I guess.

Age is crucial for an actress. How do you plan to extend your career?
That's not really true. I would like to do films where I am challenged, where I learn. There is a search within me.

What made you play a negative role in Pukar?
The role is not negative. All the characters in the film are real with different shades. Anjali, my character, takes a certain decision which she feels was right for her.

Was your last release, Arzoo, a mistake?
If something fails it becomes a mistake. I wanted to do it, the rest is not in my hands.

Having been in the industry for so long, you must know what works at the box-office?
The film in totality works. There are no set rules. An actor is just a small cog in the wheel.

Are you planning to turn to production/direction, like Shahrukh and Juhi?
Production is not my cup of tea but I am definitely interested in direction though at a much, much later stage.

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