February 22, 2020
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Linda Evangelista

The supermodel was here to donate the revenues from the sale of MAC lipstick for AIDS charity

Linda Evangelista
Linda Evangelista
You've been promoting this lipstick for a while. How does it feel giving all the revenues away to charity?
I'm pleased to see it being spent for a good cause. Women buy lipstick anyway, so it's nice if that money is used for charity.

Do celebrities overshadow the causes they endorse?
Celebrities bring positive attention to a charity.

How was your trip to meet sex workers and their children?
Quite overwhelming. They didn't behave like victims at all. But there's much to do for them.

Do you feel you broke a glass ceiling in the modelling world by being a model at 40?
Yes, but I didn't do it by myself. I've seen the age, height and race barrier going down. Now I want to see the body fat ratio barrier go down as well.

So, how do you look the way you do at 40?
It's a lot of work, believe me. I do fitness training, yoga, eat healthy. I do whatever I can.

Eat healthy or eat little? A lot of women try that route as well.
I eat a lot. I love eating. I just eat the right things.

You and MAC are two of the best known Canadian brands—a long association?
Yes, I met the founders when I first started modelling. They gave me my first proper makeup kit.

This is your first trip to India. What have you been doing here apart from work?
Walking around a lot. I've been eating a lot too.

Anything in particular you want to do?
I really want to watch a cricket match.

Any Indian actress or model you like?
I love the model in the L'Oreal ad. I think it is Aishwarya Rai. She is absolutely gorgeous.

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