Friday, Aug 12, 2022

Lighting A Candle For ‘Hyde Park’

The beloved KBR park is under threat from flyovers—and ­Hyderabad is fighting back

Lighting A Candle For ‘Hyde Park’ Lighting A Candle For ‘Hyde Park’

Razing The Grass

  • KBR national park (390 acres) is bigger than ­­London’s Hyde Park and 610 meters above sea-level
  • It boasts of 600 species of trees, 15 kinds of mammals and reptiles and 100 species of bird
  • Plans are afoot to fell 3,100 trees to make way for 8-lane flyovers at a cost of Rs 21,000 crore


The 23-month-old state of Telangana has been gift-wrapped on arrival with a lot of infrastructure project announcements and the phrase “global smart city” is used a lot. But it’s the state government’s Strategic Road Dev­elopment project­—planning flyovers, skyways and elevated corridors across Hyderabad at a cost of Rs 21,000 crore—that has run into candle-lit protests.