May 31, 2020
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Life Hacks

Outlook asked top data scientists to share some life skills they have learnt from­­­ playing with big numbers

Life Hacks
  1. Flight Tickets: The best time to buy an airline tic­ket is exactly 8 days before the flight. Beyond 8 days, prices tend to fluctuate; they go up sharply as the flight date approaches.
  2. Google Maps: Using it while taking a cab? Always choose the second route option, even though it might take longer. It’s cheaper. The first option shows the shortest time.
  3. Movie Tickets: Want to watch a movie? Movie tickets are cheapest on Thursday. Films release on Friday, so theatres try to sell as many tickets of old shows the day before.
  4. Phone Bills Too High? Avoid taking recharge data packs—choose tailor-made plans instead. This gives you the liberty to use and pay for exactly the amount of data or call money.
  5. Online Shopping: Looking for cheap shopping deals on the Internet? During any online sale, shop on the competitors’ website to get the best deals.
  6. Cookies Formula: Look up something online but don’t buy it immediately? The price goes up the next time you visit the website. To avoid this, clear cookies on your PC.
  7. Shopping Cart: Intentionally leaving your shopping cart full while online? The retailer knows you’re interested in buying, so they’ll email you with a better deal, discounts.
  8. Low-Cost Diet: On a diet? On a budget too? Buy low-cost foods with high calorific values—regular lentils, peanuts, rice, porridge. Then binge on a high-cal treat.
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