January 24, 2020
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Last Call For Revolution

Last Call For Revolution
It’s not all silence, though it’s been three decades since the Naxalbari Spring Thunder fell silent. Some voices of the failed revolution refuse to fade out. Kanu Sanyal, an architect of Naxalbari, refuses to relinquish the radical legacy of the ’60s and continues to keep a hawk-like watch on the ‘deviations’ that mark the political movement of its ‘revisionist’ parent, the CPI(M).

And no matter how successful chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya may have been in emphasising the new direction he has given to governance in this Left Front (LF)-ruled state, Sanyal, the West Bengal Left’s revolutionary watchdog, is unimpressed. Says the veteran radical: "The Bengal government makes much of registering bargadars (sharecroppers), of whom only around 50 per cent are listed, but they don’t own plots." And that is perhaps the first and the oldest point in the original Naxal’s litany of anti-LF cribs.

So much does Sanyal detest the LF’s ‘equivocation’ that he finds the pre-Left Congress regimes more democratic. His other criticisms include the brutal suppression of the Kamtapuri movement in north Bengal and LF’s "sell-out" to global capitalism.

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