May 30, 2020
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Lalita Iyer

The author of I’m Pregnant, Not Terminally Ill, You Idiot! on pregnancy and the Indian woman.

Lalita Iyer
Lalita Iyer

This is the land of Mother India. Since when did pregnancy demand a tell-and-fuss book?

Ever since air-brushed pregnancy books showing beatific moms became the norm. It was time to talk about the gory details.

For centuries the pregnant Indian woman produced a brood without needing a book.

Because she had at least six exten­ded family...efficient mother and mother-in-law, and didn’t have to worry about work-life balance.

What is the high of being pregnant?

Finding the real you. And yes, it is a high that you are a fertile statistic.

And the lows?

The fact that it is irreversible; that there will always be someone to factor in, and that your spontaneity has come down several notches.

Amma said, ‘You’ll know when you become a mother’. What exactly did you get to know?

To be stoic when woken up at six am and ask to be read a story....

When did this shift to focus on a woman’s body during pregnancy begin?

When women decided to focus on themselves, reclaim their lives.....

Celebrity pregnancies, yoga, designer togs—What’s with being pregnant in a big city?

In reality it is all an escape from how really alienating pregnancy is in a big city.

What’s the collective secret that women don’t let out about pregnancy?

That they all had a terrible time.

What have men got to do with it all?

They are limited to being sperm donors, and make good family pictures.

Flaunting a pregnant belly on the cover page of your book. What gives?

What’s with the coyness? After a dozen people have seen your vagina in the hospital and many have seen your boobs as you nurse clumsily in inappropriate places, flaunting my 37-week pregnant belly on the cover of my own book was a no-brainer. Besides, it has pulling power.

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