July 04, 2020
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Kunal Kapur

One of the best known Indian chefs, Kunal Kapur will judge the new season of MasterChef India

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Kunal Kapur
Kunal Kapur

How did you venture into cooking?

My family thought I’d be a banker or a CA. But I chose hotel management—and fell in love with the kitchen.

How would you describe your style of cooking?

Simple, home-cooked food with a burst of interesting flavours and experiments to create unique experiences.

How was your experience on MasterChef India?

I have been associated with it since its inception. It brings the best of cooking and cuisi­­nes.

MasterChef India sees more people who cook for a hobby as compared to its other versions, where contestants were professionals.

India is blessed with fantastic home chefs. This season we want home cooks who are passionate about cooking.

With Instagram, more atte­ntion is paid to presentation.

Bringing out the oomph in the food and retaining the flavours is an art.

What do you make of the growing culture of eating out in India?

It’s great to see people go out and experiment, giving chefs an opportunity to innovate.

Do you think India has ample opportunities for people to make it as chefs?

Yes, but not everyone who loves cooking and food should become a chef. There are other areas too—food consultants, flavour developers, food stylists, food bloggers/researchers etc.

Outside of cooking, how do you like spending your time?

With family and friends. I am very passionate about travelling, reading, bikes, technology.

How was the experience of taking Indian food global?

It’s an honour. Indian food is complex, and chefs around the world are intrigued by it.

What are your expectations from the new season of MasterChef?

Great home chefs, great challenges and great food.

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