March 31, 2020
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The IHF president makes a difference between dropping and resting players

Six players have been dropped for the forthcoming Indo- Pak Test series. Why?
They haven't been dropped. Only been rested.

Why this need?
We've to try new players; we can't build a good team with six players. No one has the divine right to be selected.

How do you feel the new combination will work?
Our base of specialised players is getting restricted. At this moment we have 40 to 50 players who've played more than 20 international matches. But once upon a time for each position we had 10-20 capable players. We want to revive that glorious period.

What if the new combination fails to deliver? Will it affect the morale of the team?
No one can predict the future.

National hockey coach Kaushik was dropped even though he helped the team win a gold medal after 32 years?
We shouldn't allow the euphoria of an Asian Games win to cloud the future. The team got us the medal. We've been planning for this gold medal for the last five years. I don't see any problem in dropping Kaushik.

Why did you select Bhaskaran as the national coach even though he got us only a 9th position in the World Cup in Utrecht last year?
Bhaskaran also got us the second place in the Junior World Cup. The last time a player from Combined Universities entered the national team was Pargat Singh in 1982.

Are there any plans to revive hockey at the university level?
There are only few universities playing this game today.

How do you plan to revive domestic hockey?
By popularising it. For this, we'll be holding matches with Pakistan at all levels.

What about the Shiv Sena?
That's a law and order problem. The government will deal with it.

Do you think hockey's dying in this country?
No. It's making a comeback.

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