April 05, 2020
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Kiran Bedi

On her book What Went Wrong, "an uncensored collection of true-life success stories from the capital’s slums"

Kiran Bedi
Kiran Bedi
What do you think has gone wrong?
Nothing, but we have become too insensitive to others' sufferings and problems.

Is What Went Wrong then about sensitising people?
I cannot change peoples' mindset. But I do hope that they are inspired after reading these real-life accounts.

You're talking of the upper middle class...
I haven't really compartmentalised the society. I want to make everybody aware of all that which is going around us for which we seldom have time to even think about.

Is it also about our vulnerabilities?
Definitely. It is all about the fact that it could happen to you if you are on that road to self-destruction.

Prevention, you'd say, is the key?
Yes. My whole objective is to learn at somebody else's cost.

But why a book?
It emerged on its own. It is a great reference book.

Aren't there problems beyond the slums too?
Yes there are. But my objective is to write about this underbelly which is hardly written about in English. This is the only way I could raise the society's conscience so that this underbelly is not forgotten.

These accounts are not pan-Indian. Does that limit you?
Under the present set-up, I cannot think of travelling. I am writing about whatever comes my way in Delhi.

Any selection criterion?
It is not about who the person is but what he or she has gone through.

You are also planning to serialise the book?
Yes, we have already made the first episode. Talks are continuing.

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