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Kieren D’Souza

Kieren D’Souza is an ultra-marathoner (one who covers more than the average 42 km) and will be the first Indian to take part in the Spartathlon held in Greece

Kieren D’Souza
Kieren D’Souza

What is the longest stretch you’ve ever done?

It was a 160 km course, the Salomon Bhatti Lakes Ultra Marathon, held at Faridabad in October last year. I bec­ame the fastest Indian over 100 miles.

What is a day in your life like?

I’m up around sixish for a 10 km run. Grab a banana and then wall-climbing followed by an evening run or a speed workout. I do around 120 km in a week.

What is your diet like?

Not perfect. I need more discipline but I make by own shakes and salads.

What do you put your body through when you run over 100 km?

It’s not weight loss a la a tennis player during a game, but it’s more about the mental fatigue. It’s why gradual ramp-ups in training are required.

What are the kinds of injuries you brace yourself for?

The IT Band Syndrome: It’s a very common runner’s injury.

How do you manage funding?

It’s the biggest concern. While in college I set aside pocket money and earned a bit. As of now I’m looking for sponsors.

What are the facilities at your disposal?

As of now: me, my legs and the road.

What has been your toughest run?

After each one I’m pretty hard on myself, but the 160-km stretch would be the one.

How have your parents taken to your profession?

They are more excited than I am. My dad is constantly giving me advice and putting together stats.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Performing at the highest level possible and among the world’s top ultra-marathon runners.

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