February 21, 2020
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Kamaal R. Khan

The lead actor and producer of Deshdrohi on the film's ban in Maharashtra

Kamaal R. Khan
Kamaal R. Khan

Despite a clean chit from the censor board, the film has been banned in Maharashtra.

We have screened the film before the state home ministry and have also filed a case in the high court challenging the ban. We hope to get a positive result and the movie should be released in Maharashtra soon. 

Is this about regionalism or just votebank gimmick? 

As long as there are politicians around to milk the issue of regionalism, it will not go away.

Have you personally met Raj Thackeray?

No. Not at all! 

To what kind of audience does the film cater?

It’s not just a film for north Indians. It’s meant for every Indian who loves India.

Did the recent attacks on north Indians inspire this film?

Well, a few personal incidents prompted us to make the film. 

What is the message you want to send through the film?

We may belong to different religions and regions but we are Indians first. India is one and it cannot be divided.

Deshdrohi is a rather dramatic title. 

India does not face as big a threat from its neighbours as it does from the traitors within, the deshdrohis, who want to divide it. 

Deshdrohi has been promoted more on news rather than entertainment channels.

Dialogues are the highlights of this film. People interested in quotes usually watch more news channels. The promotion of the songs from the film has started recently. 

How has the response to the film been?

Deshdrohi has been very successful throughout the country. 

Is your next film going to be on freedom of speech and expression?

Absolutely! It will be a sequel to Deshdrohi with a special focus on the media.

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