April 05, 2020
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Jaspal Bhatti

The footloose satirist on his newly-founded Academy for Training Bhagat Singhs

Jaspal Bhatti
Jaspal Bhatti
Whose ideology do you believe in—Mahatma Gandhi or Bhagat Singh?
A combination of both—sweet and sour.

Is Bollywood in the grip of a wave of patriotism?
It's only a bhed chal (rat race). After Gadar and Lagaan, everybody now wants to cash in on historical themes.

Why do you think all the three films on Bhagat Singh failed at the box office?
A confused viewer who does not know which movie to watch first. In the process, he misses all the three.

Why don't you make a film on Bhagat Singh?
I could've made Asli Bhagat Singh. If he were to come back now and see all that is happening around, surely he won't like to be Bhagat Singh any more.

Is your Jaspal Bhatti Academy training actors for films on Bhagat Singh?
Yes, if one film on Bhagat Singh is a hit, dozens will follow. Then we hope to supply actors for such films.

The Bharatiya Yuva Janata Morcha reacted strongly to your idea of this academy. Your comment.
They first mistook it for a majaak (joke). Now they know it was a spoof on Bollywood.

Any suggestions on alternate themes for Bollywood?
Films on Ravi Sidhu (the PPSC chairman). Why not? He too is a celebrity.

Does patriotism sell in India?
Raj Kumar Santoshi or Sunny Deol can answer it better.

After Kargil, would you say it is these films which have stirred patriotic feelings?
Bhagat Singh must surely be wondering at the sheer number of films coming out of Bollywood. We need patriots and patriotism, and not parrots.

Your definition of patriotism?
It's different for different states. About which state do you want to know—Gujarat, Kashmir, Tamil Nadu or Punjab...

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