June 27, 2020
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Jacqueline Lundquist

the outgoing US ambassador Richard Celeste’s wife on her two-and-a-half years in India

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Jacqueline Lundquist
Jacqueline Lundquist
So now there's a writer too in Roosevelt House.
There are two. Don't forget my son, Sam.

How's been the response?
Excellent. I'm very touched.

How does it feel to leave India?
Oh gosh! Packing is always a nightmare.

Feeling sad?
I'm not sad about something so terrific.

How would you describe the last two-and-a-half years in India?
I feel truly blessed. I thanked Mr Clinton for giving us this opportunity.

What is the most arresting image of India that stays with you?
Driving to Rajasthan—the beauty of the barren earth, the colourful sarees and the camels. It's like watching a movie.

How has Sam reacted to the change of address?
He's very sad to leave the house he loves so much. But we are bribing him that mummy and daddy will now be spending more time with him—not much travel for us now.

Any plans to promote India?
I think I can be an excellent PR source. I am seriously working out plans to promote Indian artisans, artists, fashion designers and everybody in America.

Decided on any fashion names yet?
I'm planning to take some designers like Rohit Bal, Raghu Rathore and Kavita Bhartia among others, to the States and promote their work there. My favourite is Rina Dhaka.

After being so active in the social circle, why a children's book? Why not something on the Indian fashion scene, for example?
But it won't really help the fashion industry. I am planning to write my memoirs of my stay here in India.

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