Thursday, Aug 11, 2022

'It's Not Totally A Batsman's Game'

If young guys have the talent and can perform, they should be able to make their way into the international side. That is the criterion, says the brand new Indian captain

'It's Not Totally A Batsman's Game' Jitender Gupta

It was his first day in office after taking charge of the team. Mahendra Singh Dhoni wore an old blazer to the press conference prior to the start of the ICC World Twenty20 tournament. Inevitably, the word 'captain' was missing from the crest on the pocket. Two weeks later, he had his hands wrapped on some gleaming silverware. "Maybe I can retire from cricket now," he joked. Indeed. By the time the tournament ended, with a dream win for India, he had captain written all over him. Excerpts from an interview with G. Rajaraman:

Is this the start of a new chapter in Indian cricket, you as captain and Yuvraj Singh as vice-captain?


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