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"It Was A Gigantic Managerial Exercise"

For Dr Subramanian Swamy, all it took was a tea-party to trigger off a political crisis that ultimately led to the Vajpayee government's ouster. The maverick-politician knew that unleashing Amma in Delhi would create unrest. The gamble paid off. An h

"It Was A Gigantic Managerial Exercise"

What does this confidence vote mean? After all, the coalition was defeated only by a single vote.

That is not the point. After spending crores of rupees to buy out MPs and blatant horse-trading, the BJP government has failed. It is indicative of the sharp erosion in their vote bank. They were confident of pulling through in greater numbers but events proved otherwise.

Do you take credit for being solely responsible for activating this crisis?

It was a gigantic managerial exercise to vote out this government. Sure, I was a catalyst. It goes to the credit of Jayalalitha that she staked her entire political career by pulling out of this unnatural alliance.

What would have happened if the BJP coalition had won?

Both the BJP government at the Centre and the DMK in Tamil Nadu would have been terribly vindictive towards Jayalalitha. But she took the risk. It was a calculated one and she won.

Were there others who helped in this exercise?

One must give credit to Sonia Gandhi's hand of support and Mayawati's late but correct decision to vote against the confidence motion.

What happens now? Will it be a stable outfit or are we looking at yet another shaky coalition?

The President is bound by precedent to call the largest party, which is the Congress. It might take a week for the next government to be sworn as there are things which need to be worked out. No, this time it will be a dynamic and secular government which will take it to the 21st century.

Where will Jayalalitha or you figure in the new dispensation?

That is too early to say (smiles). You will know soon.

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