February 21, 2020
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Indrajit Gupta

Co-founder and director of Founding Fuel, a digital learning platform for entrepreneurs, on his endeavour

Indrajit Gupta
Indrajit Gupta

Tell us about Founding Fuel.

It is an online learning platform for entrepreneurs. We aim to support them with insights and practices to help them build stronger enterprises.

What inspired you to start this venture?

We believe we would make a difference if we are able to build a learning platform.

What is unique about Founding Fuel?

We are not a broad spectrum, general-purpose media play. We are a niche platform set up to serve businesses.

Are you looking at serving a particular kind of entrepreneur?

We are not only about helping start-ups, but also large enterprises.

What made you leave an established career and venture into this?

My partners and I felt stifled in large firms. This is our way of creatively expressing ourselves.

What are the challenges that entrepreneurs in India face?

The entrepreneurial ecosystem is not fully developed. It’s still a difficult place to do business in.

Founding Fuel has an advisory council with prominent personalities.

Everyone with us believes in the larger purpose—to help our entrepreneurial ecosystem develop by mentoring and sharing experiences.

Capital poses a major hurdle. Do you provide solutions to that?

We can’t provide financial support but create pathways that lead them towards financial help.

Not only the digital media, you have ent­ered the digital-television space too.

We have partnered with Ping network, a digital television platform that creates content available on YouTube and our website.

What is your ultimate objective?

To create a playbook for entrepreneurs in India and democratise wisdom required to build a strong enterprise.

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