Friday, Jul 01, 2022

Sketches From Memory

A poem by Huzaifa Pandit who teaches literature at the Islamic University of Science and Technology, Kashmir

Sketches From Memory Artwork by Aradhana Seth

Green is the colour of memory specked
with shades of yellow grey

that walks along the twisted road
leading to the weeded lake

Choked by shallow depth and silent land
murmuring in watery pain

A rotten leaf fallen from a parched tree
is carried to cold eternity

frog croaks its last rites on the winding road
littered with memory

chains my cold feet with tired resignation.

Red is the colour of memory
That is perched on that twig

Where the bats offer blood
to the dazed ripe fruits

that fall dazed to the ground
drunk on the blood-wine

tender complexion bruised with soft wounds.

Grey is the colour of memory
That lies below the grey clouds,

Reflected in the somber concrete
Gravel skinned boiled in tar

Heat locked in its heart and the joints of my knees.

Yellow is the colour of memory
That springs from the stooped street light

Bitten by moths, stung by butterflies,
Waging a lonely battle against the dark night

The night blares yellow from the one eyed car
and strikes my nervous eyes in the dark

Yellow reminds me of the lilies
That once grew on my father’s grave.