February 18, 2020
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How to make a statement more than you already have while election campaigning? File the nomination amount in coins. It worked for Kuppalji Devadoss, the AMNP Lok Sabha candidate from South Chennai. He brought Rs 25,000—the LS security deposit amount—in 13 utensils to stunned election officials in Chennai. Soon, he was all over the news, with some coining him “chillar raja”. Chhattisgarh’s Swatantra Tiwari did the same when he went to file his papers in the Durg collectorate. When asked why, he said that the coins were donations given to him by his supporters.

900 Million voters in 2019, compared to 815 million in 2014

1.35 million polling stations across the country in 2019

3.96 million EVMS and 1.74 million paper trail or voter verifiable paper trail machines in 2019

Sibling Jugalbandi

It's a sibling jugalbandi in Tripura. While royal scion and state Congress chief Pradyut Manikya Deb Barman is leading the party’s comeback charge in the BJP-ruled state, his sister Pragya Deb Burman is the party candidate for East Tripura.

Growth 14 times

Security 44 times

These words appeared in BJP's 48-page manifesto. The keywords are development (75), infrastructure (38) and women (37). Narendra and Modi appear 22, 26 times. Forest, digital, roads and loans get single-digit mentions.


What is the reason that terrorists, separatists, the Pakistan PM and the Congress manifesto speak the same language?

Amit Shah , BJP president

 BJP has simply copy pasted its 2014 manifesto & changed all previous deadlines.

Ahmed Patel, Congress leader

1,033 Candidates contested for a single seat in Modaurichi in Tamil Nadu in the 1996 elections. The ballot paper was in the form of a booklet.


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