February 15, 2020
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1952, The Wall Story

1952, The Wall Story
1952, The Wall Story

When it comes to graffiti, Kochi is blessed. Not just hammers, sickles and hands, there are also sketches of Lennon wrapped in a lungi and Marx meditating. But no matter how often the city’s walls lap up fresh coats of paint, a political ad for the Congress has been standing strong since 1952. On the façade of a century-old edifice in Edapally is etched a message in support of A.M. Thomas and A.V. Joseph, both Congress candidates. It requests the electorate to vote for the bull, the party’s symbol until the late 70s. So how did this nugget of electoral history survive? Well, it is all because of a quirk in the building’s construction, which makes it difficult to repaint the wall.

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