January 24, 2020
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In The Land Of Plenty

In The Land Of Plenty
Fake ghee, fake oil, fake milk powder, fake cassettes, fake aerated drinks, fake coins, fake beer—authorities here seem to be stumbling on factories churning out new fake products almost every day. Recently the police raided a factory producing fake Coca Cola and another one producing fake lubricant oil in Bhopal. Then there was the one with a sophisticated facility to produce fake milk powder. The packaging was of leading manufacturers and the seized stock itself was valued at Rs 50 lakh.

The police have also raided facilities engaged in producing fake ghee, illicit beer and even one minting five-rupee coins. To cap it all, the police has now nabbed a gang issuing fake orders in the name of the chief minister! The police say the gang, headed by an automobile engineer, had effected more than four hundred transfers, postings, appointments et al, all in the CM’s name.
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