May 25, 2020
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In Praise Of West Indies

For bringing a child-like spirit to the game of cricket and taking our breath away

In Praise Of West Indies

Cricket’s such a funny game that only one side laughs in the end. In the just-­concluded T20 World Cup, that side thankfully was the West Indies—not just their men but their women too. And after beating England and Australia, ­respectively, in their triumph at the Eden, not only were they laughing but dancing and singing, too—and making all of us watch and forward their videos. In an era when sport has become a precision activity decided on computers, the Caribbean players bring a natural flair, a joi de vivre that transports us back to a happier, almost fairytale past. But more than that, it is the child-like spirit they bring to the tense arena that takes our breath away. That Darren Sammy and Stefanie Taylor accomplished what they did despite the pressure and opprobrium of those who had written them off makes them true ‘Champions’ worthy of our awe.

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