22 August 2016 National Leader Comment

In Praise Of Narendra Modi

For his ability to do what his critics least expect him to.
In Praise Of Narendra Modi

Half-way into his first term, the prime minister’s weapon of mass distraction continues to be his ability to do what his critics least expect him to. When no “presstitute” thought he would break bread with Pakistan, he gatecrashed into Nawaz Sharif’s birthday party and cut the cake. When no ‘bhakt’ thought he would open his mouth on the flogging of Dalits, he expertly delineated the difference between fake and real gau rakshaks. When no PTs (pat­riotic tweeple) thought he would address the blinded side of Kashmir, he vowed to apply Vajpayee’s  ‘Insaniyat, Jamhuriyat and Kashmiriyat’. In fact, so comfortable is Modi in swimming against the tide of public opinion that you can now safely assume he’ll do the exact opposite of what every ‘libtard’ who thinks he knows the PM’s mind is thinking. Just ask Nitin Patel, who enjoyed the thrill of speaking as Gujarat’s CM between lunch and tea, without being sworn in, before Narendrabhai made his mind known.

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