May 31, 2020
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In Praise Of Arnab G

For showing us his handbag poodle side

In Praise Of Arnab G

Fifteen months ago Outlook put Arnab Goswami on the cover and called him the “man who killed TV news” for his finger-wagging, name-calling hyper-nationalism that had robbed news of its seriousness, sobriety and balance. Nothing has changed in this interregnum; actually it has gotten worse. Last week, though, “the nation” saw a different Arnab G, who magically couldn’t remember the questions and wave his pencil: soft, sober, sweet, reverential, respectful, clawing, complimentary, servile, devout, supplicant, ­uninterrupting—in short, a handbag poodle, not the glowering pitbull that we know. Perhaps he should interview the prime minister every night at 9 so that we could again put him on the cover and call him the “man who rescued TV news”. Well, we can dream, can’t we?

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