May 30, 2020
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In Pics: Life In The Time Of Coronavirus

Life in the time of coronavirus, as seen by our photographers Tribhuvan Tiwari and Apoorva Salkade

In Pics: Life In The Time Of Coronavirus

I went to a masquerade dressed like myself, no one recognised me. Well, who would in a masked world? Since coronavirus is no longer a veiled threat from China, more and more of us in India—or Delhi in particular—are adopting prescribed/non-prescribed preventive measures and one of them is masks. The COVID-19 protocol doesn’t require all people to wear masks, except those infected and the care-givers. Still, masks have become a must-have accessory…even for Junior’s Shih Tzu, or to sip coconut water from a straw. And for some, this protective piece of cloth is a side hustle…a little money to palliate hunger.

Wash your hands (for 20 seconds), wear a mask and get going…Love In The Time Of Corona, premiering in a park near you. Yes, we know, Bollywood already has its skin in the game as filmmakers are rushing to register titles with the word corona, although shootings are suspended until we ride out the viral attack. Example: Corona Pyaar Hai. We can’t wait to watch. Can it, quick…even if it entails harnessing stock shots from selfie-hunters of TikTok in Delhi. Until then, a relaxing evening at Marine Drive isn’t a bad idea. And of course, we won’t suggest a smoke to wish away the corona blues.


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