July 05, 2020
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Imran Sardhariya

The Kannada-Telugu film choreographer and director on living the cinematic life

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Imran Sardhariya
Imran Sardhariya

Why choreography?

I landed in choreography by chance. In school, people thought I was cute and put me up on stage in front of dancing girls. Before I knew it I was dancing. 

Was getting into films easy?

No, but I have been lucky. I was introduced to the industry by Ramesh Arvind, whose daughter I taught in my dance academy. My third song, Stylo Stylo, won me great acclaim.

You are solely choreographing the SIIMA Awards 2015.

Over three years of SIIMA, I was bothered by its mediocrity. This year they asked me to choreograph it all.

It seems to have become a trend—from choreography to direction....

For me, the leap came after a friend pushed me in that direction saying it was the obvious next step.

Your first directorial debut, Endhendhigu, wasn’t a hit.

It does not deter me, but only spurs me to do better. I've seen this happen to many.

Like your movie, your life is a romantic filmi tale.

I guess that is where I get my love for romance. We moved to Bangalore after my dad passed away and it was there that I met my future wife. She was training at the studio where I was assisting; facing parental opposition, we had to elope!

Choreography or direction?

My first love is choreography. But film-making is also a passion.

You say cinema has taught you diplomacy.

I am straightforward and that landed me in trouble often. Over the years I have learnt to listen to people before I give my opinion.

What’s next?


Any plans of getting into Bollywood?

Who doesn’t want to get into Bollywood!

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