May 31, 2020
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“I’m Still A Romantic At Heart”

The Paris you meet in her personal space is not the model "who makes love to the camera" but an ambitious businesswoman

“I’m Still A Romantic At Heart”
Photographer: Mark Arbeit; Styling: Marie Claire Team
“I’m Still A Romantic At Heart”

The interesting thing about Paris Hilton is that no matter how hard you try, you just cannot ignore the phenomenon. The media has written her off as a flash bulb bug, PR miracle, wannabe, socialite, among other things, but the fact is: everyone wants a piece of her—even if all she does is hug her pet chihuahua Tinkerbell. But Paris the Professional shocks your system. Shooting for Marie Claire’s October bridal issue, she was just a ‘model’ doing her job, not a tantrum-prone diva. The Paris you meet in her personal space is not the model “who makes love to the camera” but an ambitious businesswoman capable of giving measured answers on her plans, before giggling and saying, “If given a chance to change my life, I’d just take a duster and wipe out all the boys I’ve ever dated in my life.” Neena Haridas, editor, Marie Claire India, in an exclusive interview with Paris Hilton.

You are what the world calls “born with a silver spoon”. How has a life of comfort and luxury moulded you as a person?

Despite my background, I have always been down to earth. The fact that I come from a legacy of luxury has not changed the way I think, treat other people or the way I behave. Sometimes, people forget who they are. I have tried not to forget that no matter who you are, what you do as a person is what people will remember you for.

"Despite my background, I have always been down to earth.... We all have love, romances and heartbreaks, but we evolve with them and that makes us wiser people.”

Despite all the harsh media criticisms, you have built up a global brand called Paris Hilton.

Yes, the media has always had terrible things to say about me. Initially, I would get upset about it and cry. As I grew up, though, I realised that if you work hard, you can do what you wish. Even as a child, my ambition had been to have my own brand. I have interests in music, fashion and real estate. These are my strengths. Working on these areas will eventually make the Paris Hilton brand a global one.

So has Paris Hilton evolved into a true-blood business personality?

Well, not entirely. I am still learning and growing as a business person. There is a huge market out there for fashion that is aspirational, but also affordable. I think Asia is a big market, and so I am expanding my brands to the Asian countries. Hence, my entry into India, with my brand of fashion accessories and handbags.

Where does your heart beat the fastest: fashion, music or acting?

Definitely fashion. I am obsessed with fashion. I love feeling like a princess, it is magical, sexy, young and cool. And my line will reflect all of this. But I do not want to make it inaccessible to women. Every girl has a right to feel like a princess.

Is your brand for the extreme fashionista or the girl-next-door who wants to be a princess?

Of course, for the girl-next-door who dreams of being a princess. I am not aiming at the woman who buys a Chanel. In this kind of economy, you want to make fashion accessible, otherwise what is the point?

Tell us about what life with your best friends is like.

Nicky, my sister, is my best friend and we talk a lot, have fun and, of course, we discuss boys.

What would you tell all the girls who look up to you as a woman who lives her life on her own terms?

I think Indian women are not just beautiful and gorgeous, but also very confident and courageous. We all have love, romances and heartbreaks, but we evolve with them and that makes us wiser people. However, I am still a romantic at heart.

And what is Paris Hilton’s ultimate dream?

To be happy, to find love and to live a full life.

(Catch the detailed interview and exclusive pictures in the October bridal issue of Marie Claire India)

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