May 31, 2020
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Ian Chappel

Former Australian captain, now commentator, on the Ceat Cricket Ratings, Ricky Ponting’s team, sledging and India’s chances Down Under

Ian Chappel
Ian Chappel
As one of the founding members of the Ceat cricket awards, what do you feel goes into making a cricketer of the year?
These awards recognise a complete cricketer, in both odis and Tests. It's about being a good all-rounder.

Like Ricky Ponting, this year's winner.
He's having an unbelievable time since his marriage 18 months ago. People say marriage isn't good for sportsmen. But for Ricky it's proving otherwise.

And Australia is the international team of the year. Is this the best team ever?
Certainly not. But it is surely one of the best.

But it is a far depleted XI in India right now.
Any opposition that takes an Aussie team lightly does so at its own peril.

Did Steve Waugh's exit disturb team balance?
They lifted the World Cup without him. A good team's all about filling in for vacant places.

And Hayden's run with the bat...
He is mentally so very strong. Hayden's been at it for three years now. He's been amazing.

Looking forward to India's tour to Australia?
Certainly. The Indians have to prove a lot.

How would you rate the Indians on the technique front?
It is a much overused word these days. Technique in cricket is about adjusting to different conditions.

Any room for optimism from India's point of view, now that we've good fast bowlers?
In the past, India's preparations for Australia have never been good. If the same mistakes happen again, there's no use having quick bowlers.

You approve of sledging in cricket?
I don't even recognise the word.

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