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‘I Told Mukesh...Sunil (Mittal) Wants Niira To Work For Him’

Ranjan Bhattacharya, May 31, 2009

‘I Told Mukesh...Sunil (Mittal) Wants Niira To Work For Him’
‘I Told Mukesh...Sunil (Mittal) Wants Niira To Work For Him’

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Atal Behari Vajpayee’s foster son-in-law recounts to Radia a recent conversation he had with Mukesh Ambani on Bharti’s Sunil Mittal seeking Niira Radia’s services on a “loose arrangement”. In another conversation, Ranjan confirms that he had met Mittal at Suhel Seth’s house. In yet another chat, Radia checks with Ratan Tata’s office if he is okay with her meeting Sunil Mittal.

NR: Hi.

RB: Hi, welcome back.

NR: Thank you. Just got back, haan.

‘I just saved (Unitech) from 60 cr of a bounced cheque.’

RB: Okay, okay, listen, bhai, I told you... What I suspected is true...He (Mukesh Ambani) had called for something and then I just told him I met Niira at a social function, and I said she just mentioned that, you know, Sunil (Mittal) wants to work...Sunil wants her to work for him on a...just on some loose arrangement. And I said she was telling me that you, you are actually encouraging it. So he turns around and says haan boss, toh kya hua, apne ko kya hai, let everybody do well etc etc. But there was no objection, so I said MDA, why don’t you come out level with me... I said I haven’t spoken to her on these lines, but I am asking you, I said are you okay with it? So you know, his words were: he says, boss, you know me better, I give people lot of latitude, it’s for them to decide. So I said basically, then that means, you know, aap, you’re not very keen. So he says, mujhe kal phone aa gaya tha, now this is yesterday, he’s telling me, yesterday evening. He says to close the loop, so that you know, she’s not going to work for him because he wants a loose arrangement; and she said there’s nothing informal. So he says she’s not going to work for him.

NR: Maine toh us din hi bol diya tha usko.

RB: So I think Niira, on that, limited treatment karna hai, aap soch lo.

NR: Hmm. Woh toh limited arrangement you and I can work together, that’s all I meant, I don’t think we should do anything beyond this. But I don’t want to meet him in his office.

RB: Why should you? Let him... Okay let me play this, huh?...Toh aap anyways, Tuesday ka toh aap bol do ki, aap message kar do, ki I’m real tied up. We’ll come back to you, or some...hai na?

NR: Haan. I’ll tell him I’ve to go to Bombay for a day or so...

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