July 06, 2020
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'I Give A Lot Of Time To My Ministers'

Even as speculation is rife about his future, Kalyan Singh brushes aside all talk of a change. Enough water has run since then. It is a matter of the remote past, he says, referring to his threat of a mid-term poll if he is destabilised. Outlook caug

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'I Give A Lot Of Time To My Ministers'
What is the future of this coalition?
The government is perfectly stable.

There is talk of a change...
The question of dissolving the House and holding a mid-term poll do not arise. I fail to understand how such issues are still being debated. Nobody wants a mid-term election when the state is in such a deep financial crisis. I am certain that the people have full trust in this government. And they want us to complete our full term.

Senior ministers are questioning your style of functioning.
I doubt if any other chief minister gives as much time to his ministers, mlas and people as I do. But there has to be a system of appointments and meetings so that the work of governance does not suffer. I hate breaking appointments for somebody who wants to gate-crash. So if 9.30 to 11.30 on Mondays are fixed for 'janata darshan' I expect people to meet me within the scheduled hours. In the same way, mlas are called for a meeting every Wednesday and Thursday. I meet only those who take prior appointments, provided I am not busy.

Then why are they unhappy?
That is their problem, not mine. I feel sorry about their assumptions and can only hope they grow up. The reason for their annoyance is best known to them.

Are you the only alternative for CM?
Many party leaders have worked hard to bring the party to its present high. I would like to humbly state that I too have played some part. But the central leaders have the option of changing the leader. I'll abide by their decision like a disciplined soldier.

So you do not rule out a change?
If you are asking this question even after the central leadership has publicly denied any change of leadership in either UP or Gujarat, what do I say?

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