April 04, 2020
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How Our Jury Judges Them...

How Our Jury Judges Them...
Fali S. Nariman, Senior lawyer
‘There is no international law justifying pre-emptive action against a state where the doctrine of necessity does not so warrant.’

J.S. Verma, Retired chief justice
‘The single-most disturbing aspect of this war has been the marginalisation of public opinion and the short shrift given to the UN.’

P.B. Sawant, Retired justice
‘Shouldn’t the dismantling of WMD begin with the US? What’s happened in Iraq is pure genocide and there’s a strong case for war crimes.’

Hosbet Suresh, Former judge
‘In Nuremberg trials, Nazis were captured and produced before the war crimes tribunal. It’s not possible to similarly treat US officials.’

V.S. Mani, JNU Professor
‘To argue that Anglo-Saxons had to liberate Iraq is like saying divine intervention is necessary to uplift those not blessed by it.’


Kate Allen, Amnesty
‘Each cluster bomb has 200 bomblets that kill not only when they are dropped but continue to kill for long afterwards.’

Lord Navneet Dholakia, Lib Dem chief
‘There was never any doubt that our forces would reach Baghdad. Our concerns have been about the post-war scenarios.’

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