April 09, 2020
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'How Does One Know The Limit?'

Muhammad Ghazanfar Ali, manager of the Karachi-based Fishermen's Co-operative Society Ltd, flew down from Pakistan especially to escort the Pakistani fishermen back home. Minutes before their departure from the Sahar international airport in Mumbai,

'How Does One Know The Limit?'

Indian fishermen languishing in Pakistani jails. Pakistani fishermen jailed in India. What is the hitch?

The problems are similar on both sides. We are working on a plan to evolve a policy by letter so that there is no problem for fishermen on both sides.

Why is there so much suspicion on both sides?

Everybody knows that this is an economic problem and not a deliberate attempt from fishermen on either side to cross borders.

Is there any way of ensuring this does not happen again?

The sea frontiers have no demarcation and therefore, how is one to know where the territorial limits begin and end? Efforts are on, however, to have a lighthouse so that both sides are warned that they are moving into the other's territory.

What is the reaction on the Pakistani side on hearing of the fishermen's release?

Negotiations for the release have been on since 1995. So you see, celebrations have been waiting to happen for a long time at the other end.

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