February 21, 2020
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Herbert Traxl

The Austrian ambassador to New Delhi, a Page 3 regular, on his new posting to Thailand

Herbert Traxl
Herbert Traxl
In what direction would you like relations between Thailand and Austria to move in?
More cooperation between European and S-E Asia, ASEAN and to position Austria well.

Do you speak Thai?
(Laughs) I am still trying to improve my Hindi and learn basic Thai. This will be my first visit to Thailand.

Having actively promoted the arts and culture in India, what are your plans for Thailand?
To balance politics, economic issues and culture, and take relations forward in a meaningful manner. The critical issue is to balance all of these concerns.

How much of a role do the arts play in this?
It makes it possible to meet people, to meet informally, and soon to meet as friends even if the meetings are official.

Have you planned any parties yet?
No, not yet, but I look forward to meeting people in and around Bangkok.

What are you looking forward to?
Learning about a new culture and region. There is much that I would like to explore and discover.

When will you be in India next?
Soon, very soon. But I cannot say exactly when that would be.

Have any friends promised to come and visit you?
Aah, yes, and I am dearly looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Most of them from India?
Yes, many, many, and also from various other countries from all around the world.

What will you be carrying to Thailand?
My memories of all my good times spent with family and friends in Delhi.

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