August 03, 2020
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“Help, The Termites Are Spreading”

The grotesque, the barbaric and the kiss of death.

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“Help, The Termites Are Spreading”
K.R. Vinayan
“Help, The Termites Are Spreading”

Fish Building: This grotesque four-storey building is on the way from the airport into town. So, alas, it is one of the first impressions a visitor gets of Hyderabad.

The ‘termite’ building in Jubilee Hills. (Photograph by K.R. Vinayan)

Termite building: This building in Jubilee Hills looks like it has been devoured by termites. Other similar looking buildings have since been spotted in town. Help, the termites are spreading!

Cyber Gateway: Looks like something out of a Star Wars nightmare: maybe the womb that gave birth to Darth Vader. Typical of the barbaric architecture of Hyderabad’s IT district.

Amrutha Castle: This bizarre hotel claims to be the “abode of royal luxury and gorgeous grandeurs”. Is supposedly built on the lines of “Castle Schloss Neushwanstien” (sic) in Germany.

Durgam Cheruvu lake. (Photograph by K.R. Vinayan)

Durgam Cheruvu Lake: The government promoted this enchanting ‘secret lake’ as a tourist destination. Kiss of death! Today the stink and mosquitoes from the lake are driving out the residents of the locality.

Anvar Alikhan Adman, food critic, travel writer and bibliophile

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