April 07, 2020
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Harish Bijoor

The corporate speaker on completing a whopping 10,000 hours of public speaking

Harish Bijoor
Harish Bijoor

Why public speaking?

It was purely accidental. I got an invite from Chennai for an hour-long talk. I was young, raw and new to public speaking, but somehow managed. That was some 10,027 hours ago.

Your 10k milestone wasn't logged at your hometown Bangalore. Disappointing?

Yes, it was, but you can't engineer these things. You talk where your invite takes you.

What's your brand marketing mantra?

My mantra is inclusiveness. Brands must not become 'exclusive' statements of intent. My bumper-sticker advice: Get inclusive, or get excluded!

Where was your favourite talk session?

In Istanbul. I spoke along with soccer legend Pele. I was very impressed at his security routine. Needless to say, his foot led his mouth, which was fun.

Are you writing a book now?

Yes, it packs some 47 different theories I own as my own in the space of branding. I contemporise in this book and hope to offer bleeding-edge stuff for the practitioner to use.

A corporate public speaker you admire.

Zig Zaglar.

Will there be a 20k milestone?

That might just get me to set and break a record. Maybe even Zaglar's!

What else do you wish to accomplish?

I want to write a piece of fiction. Maybe a love story that lies in my head.

Over the years, the audience has changed, so have their priorities.

Yes, in the old days, audiences only had needs from their speakers. Today, audiences look to satiate their desires and aspirations too.

Any advice for newbies?

Be real. Stay real. Embrace the language of the real, as opposed to the language of the unreal. You will do well, as will all of us who you influence.

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