June 05, 2020
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Handling Harassment

Handling Harassment

After extensive interviews with 62 women from different areas of work, activist group Saheli recently brought out its report, 'Another Occupational Hazard: Sexual Harassment and the Working Woman'. The report prescribes the following tips that might help you, or anyone you know, confront a situation of sexual harassment:

  •  Don't blame yourself or feel guilty. The man harassing you is entirely responsible.
  •  Don't try to ignore the problem. Harassers don't get the message easily.
  •  Let the harasser know as directly as possible that his attentions are unwanted.
  •  Keep a diary of events and instances. Save any note from the harasser as evidence. Try to enlist the help of any witnesses.

  •  Be brave about talking to friends and colleagues. Generate their support for actions you want to take. Publicly exposing the harasser, even through the media, is often helpful.

  •  If there's a trade union or employees' association, get them involved.
  •  Make a written complaint to your senior/employer.
  • Remember that the Supreme Court guidelines compel them to take immediate action.
  • You can register an FIR with the police and pursue legal action.
  •  Whether or not you decide on such action, you could contact a women's organisation for help and support.

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