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‘Haan. Abhi Aa Raha Tha Woh Manish Tiwari Ka (Statement)...’

R.K. Chandolia, May 22, 2009

‘Haan. Abhi Aa Raha Tha Woh Manish Tiwari Ka (Statement)...’

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Here, Radia claims how she has used Barkha Dutt, group editor, English news, NDTV, to get Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari to issue a statement clearing some of the misgivings voiced by T.R. Baalu about portfolio allocation. He had been sent to Delhi to meet the Congress leadership with a message from Karunanidhi. But Baalu also spoke to the media. Radia also talks about the need to get Raja in for a second stint as telecom minister and to keep Dayanaidhi Maran out.

NR: Congress ne toh kal thank god statement issue kar diya hai. Barkha ne karva liya kal us se. That it’s not about individuals.

RKC: Haan. Woh toh maine dekh liya hai. Woh toh aa gaya na. Abhi aa raha tha woh Manish Tiwari ka (statement).

‘Congress ne thank god statement issue kar diya. Barkha Dutt ne karva liya.’

NR: Woh karana bahut zaroori tha...I spoke to the minister at 2 o’clock last night. Because he said the Congress had to call the chief minister directly in the morning and tell them about Baalu. Because Baalu pe issue tha. Toh abhi party mein log yeh kah rahe hain ki agar tum log Baalu aur Raja aur Maran aur jo bhi yeh abhi chal raha hai (doesn’t complete the sentence)...Azhagiri has now put his foot down, na.

RKC: Kya?

NR: You see the problem is not what we all are thinking. I had a long chat with Raja and Kani last night. Azhagiri is a mass leader. He controls a very large following. You are saying I will give him MoS Independent and you will give Maran cabinet is where the hiccup has come up.

RKC: Correct. Correct.

NR: He (Azhagiri) is a bigger leader than Baalu and all of them put together. So all the Tamilians got up and said what is this. Whatever his following is. Local MPs and MLAs who support him said how can Maran be given a cabinet post when this guy is being given (MoS). Then Azhagiri turned around and said not only him but how come Kani is not being given a cabinet post. So then he said to his father to drop Baalu and Maran. Toh woh phir uske baad, Maran ko usne bola tum MoS lo. Maran ko bola usne. To usne kuchh nahin bola. Kani told me.

RKC: Maran ne?

NR: Haan...Maran ko bola usne tum MoS lo. He kept absolutely quiet. Uski shakal dekhni thi apparently last night. She (Kani) was telling me. Then Azhagiri went to Kani last night at midnight...so let us see...I mean they’ve gone back. HM is going for swearing-in na? But there’s a meeting.

RKC: Pata nahin. I’m going (inaudible). Leaving in 10-15 minutes.

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