July 07, 2020
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Grammys Go Nuts

Stars at the Grammys this year got a modest cashew from Kerala flavoured with 'first-grade golden turmeric' called Karma nuts to take home among other goodies

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Grammys Go Nuts
Illustration by Saahil
Grammys Go Nuts

Stars at the Grammys not only take home awards (or disappointment), but also a bag filled with goodies. This year, among the fancy gadgets, food and cosmetics, lies a modest cashew from Kerala flavoured with “first-grade golden turmeric” called Karma nuts. Karma’s secret? They leave the skin on the cashews, rendering them crunchier than processed nuts. But that’s not the only product from India making waves on the West Coast. Gowns made with “non-violent” silk were showcased at an Oscars fashion show. Artisans manually remove the silk from the silkworm rather than using chemicals.

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